Get in Shape For the Summer

The summer is fast approaching and people up and down the country are starting to think about their summer holidays. While for most the thought of a break away from home in the sunshine helps them get through another day in the office for some it fills them with dread as it means wearing beachwear.

That’s why at this time of year millions of us are looking to get in shape so we can feel confidant and comfortable when we head to the beach. Here are a few tips that may just help you look great in your bikini.

Don’t starve yourself to loos pounds, doing this will only make you put on more wait post holiday. Instead, eat small meals every few hours to keep your metabolism elevated. Try to grill or bake or food rather than frying it. Cut out all those biscuit and cakes we snake on during the day. Drink water before a meal as it aids digestion and give you a slightly full feeling. Stop drinking or at least cut down on the alcohol as many drinks have a surprisingly high amount.

Get regular exercise to fell burn fat and get those muscles trim. Regular exercises also helps you general well being and is a good way to look after your heart and increase stamina. So not only will you be looking slimmer and trimmer on holiday you will also have much more energy. You don’t have to join the gym to work out, you can easily get in shape in your own home for relatively little money. Why not try out a fitness DVD or even a fitness computer game. Buy some home gym equipment or buy some good trainers and go running and jogging.

Why not treat yourself to a spa treatment as well before your holiday. Spa treatments will not only help you relax and de-stress before your trip away but will also help you look good. Give your skin a health glow before you even leave with a facial that will help you get rid of a dull complexion left by the long cold winter months.

Of course this new healthy living regime need not stop after your holiday, why not keep it up all year round so you can look and feel good all the time.